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It was a great learning experience, and I definitely took a lot from each teacher. They all had helpful, constructive, and encouraging points to make! A terrific masterclass.
-- Rachel Zatcoff, soprano

It was an excellent class and I learned quite a bit from watching.
-- Eowyn Driscoll

“Thank You, Mr. Oswald, I had a wonderful time. I was one of those who didn’t get to sing, but Keith offered me a half-price lesson, which we've already scheduled.

“It was a great experience and I learned a lot from watching Keith (Harris) and Amy (Goldstein). They are brilliant teachers and really brought out a new level of sound in everyone. Watching their teaching made me feel as if I am on the right track with my own singing. I would recommend either of them to a friend, just from watching.

“I also enjoyed your talk at the beginning of class. As someone who has had traumatic experiences with educational singing, it set me at ease and made me feel as if I were in a safe place, particularly when you said that most women who you’ve taught break as low as Db, rather than F or F#. My break is over B-C natural, so the point amused me and made me feel right at home.”
-- Eowyn Driscoll

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