Students of the Month


Laura Jobin-Acosta

Melanie Spector 2012
Laura Jobin-Acosta

You study with Amy Goldstein. How has your work with you advanced your goals as a singer?

Amy has given me amazing perspective. She has helped me through countless vocal accomplishments and she personalizes my lessons to my style of learning. I use her generous encouragement from my lessons to self-motivate practice throughout the week and she reminds me of my goals with an email. During lessons she doesn’t hesitate to push me towards my breaking points in order to make progress. I think we, as singers, all need that boost. I would say that the biggest change so far has been getting to know what I consider my new voice. After a year without lessons and only having been trained as a mezzo, becoming a soprano was a whole new concept. Thanks to her I always have repertoire that really suits my voice.

How did you get connected with Amy Goldstein?

I saw a notice for a master-class that Mark Oswald’s studio was having. I got to sing in the class, and afterwards, I talked with her about lessons. After a few lessons it was clear that Amy was the right teacher for me.

What gigs are you doing at present?

Currently I have a church job where I get lots of performance opportunities. Otherwise, I am concentrating on my technique, which, since I started working with Amy, has improved dramatically.

Laura also performed the Vaughan Williams’ Magnificat in Stockbridge, MA in December 2011.

What are your plans for singing in the future?

I want to become a fulltime musician. Performing music makes me feel alive. I look forward to becoming the best singer I can be and sharing the art of music with everyone who will have it.