Metropolitan Opera Baritone, Mark Oswald – one of NY's 5 famed teachers

Teaching Philosophy:

The beauty, quality, and healthy production of the tone throughout each note of the range are the primary goals in our voice lessons. It is my goal that you master the 25-30 pitches in your range on all vowels, and I have a high level of confidence that this can be achieved! There are many ways to create evenness in the voice. Since each singer responds to their own unique vocabulary, a teacher must be able to speak the singer’s vocabulary and get to know it intimately, memorizing each singer’s favorite words and illustrations. Once upon a time, SINGERS had the power in the world of singing. Now, they are on the lower rung of the hierarchical ladder. In my voice studio, I make certain that the singer is respected.

Though it is important for me to lead, I am fully aware that we are equals.

I keep lessons informal, and take pride in a detailed and positive approach.

Singers do not respond well to negativity; they usually close off their bodies, their minds, and their voices. A teacher can be honest in a constructive and positive way, and still get all the results necessary for the singer. The technique I teach is 70% my own, and 30% from a lineage of teachers starting with Andrew White, who consistently achieved an even range, and a full, quality top register with all of the singers with whom he worked. Mr. White also taught the young Sherill Milnes and Mr. White’s teacher, Sidney Dietsch, also taught Leonard Warren. I have made several adjustments within this technique to suit my own singing and my teaching of others.

I would like to thank all of the singers that are included in this site. (There are so many more I wished to have included!)

It is my passion to help singers achieve their goals.

Mark Oswald